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What you say about our shoes...

‘I live in my Savages, the only place I don’t wear them is in the bath!!’ 

Schevelle from Woodlands, Ashurst


'........my Savages fit beautifully' 

Jane from Doncaster


'Thank you, shoes arrived on time for Christmas, they are brilliant-just what i was wanting, thanks for taking the time to help me' 

Jo from North Devon


‘My New Zealand friends love my Savages, thanks for my new replacements, my original ones have eventually died after 9 years’ 

Mark from Auckland

'Simon, thanks they are just brilliant!' 

Sue from Barnstable, Devon

'Wow! After all these years of never having a pair of shoes that ! could walk in, my Savages shoes are Amazing........the fact that my feet are odd sizes and one leg longer appears not to have been a problem for you....... they are fantastic and amazing and I almost could wear them to bed!!!! thanks again' 


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