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The Savages Shoes Recipe

Our family recipe for the most comfortable shoe you'll ever wear...

So whats our secret? Well we can't give it all away but in case you're wondering how your Savages are made here is the process and the reason Savages are so special. We offer a bespoke service which starts with you choosing your leather colour, size, and style of savages shoe and then the work begins……..

  1. We first cut the leather on the cutting press along with the footboards and soles using our unique Savages press knives
  2. Then we build the insoles of your choice (standard or standard plus) on the footboards
  3. Next we assemble the leather uppers and add our Savages label
  4. We then steam the leather uppers and form them over the last
  5. Then the gluing and stapling process begins of the uppers to the footboards to make a shoe shape – now they are starting to look like shoes.
  6. Your Savages are then placed in our drying room for 2 days
  7. Then we complete with the closing (stitching) process using one of our many heavy duty sewing machines
  8. Next we glue and shape the wedge of the shoe, adding the high quality Vibram sole
  9. We then shape the outer profile and burnish the edges
  10. Lovingly finishing the process of profiling the shoe so it’s ready for packaging and sending to you.